Here in New York City it seems everyone is always looking for the next trendy place to take their friends.  What if that next place was as close as your own home.  Think outside the box and become creative within your house.  Revel Rouge is no newcomer to this concept and has found big results within little spaces.   

When you attend a dinner party in someone’s house you get a sense of relaxation that you do not feel when dining out. Conversations become more diverse as guests open up in this safe environment. There is that sense of comfort as guests huddle in the kitchen to see what smells so good and to secretly catch a glimpse at what the chef is brewing.  The energy of family and bonding begins as you laugh within this comforting environment. This is the excitment that guests will remember for a lifetime. 

Over the years I've hosted many dinners in our clients' homes and here are a few ideas I've learned that showcase the best results to constantly surprise your guests.  

Change the ambience and location of a room.

"What if we take all the furniture out of the living room and set up a large dinner table there?" I ask as the owner looks at me with shock. Within the hour, the living room had been transformed into something to rival a private dining room at a Jean-George Restaurant! It was a happy, jaw-dropping moment for my client. From the exquisite flowers to the festive seasonal touches to the grandeur of the plate settings, every detail was addressed and the result was stunning.

Most guests know your home, so they know the work that went into this adventure. The moment they walk into the space and see this magical table... they know the evening's journey has just begun and their job is to sit, relax, and explore. (They also know not to go into the bedroom as it has become a storage unit!) But that's the magic of this! Just like it's fun to play dress up, it's fun to dress up your home for a night. 

Another extremely important part of your dinner party is the music. Music creates the mood and sets the tone.  I've watched the magical results of music while working in the restaurant industry.  Example: The Sunday brunch team would come crawling in as half of them had worked the closing shift the night before.  Add the guests dragging in due to being hungover and tired and you've got a recipe for disaster (or at least grumpiness.) I found when I changed the music to uptempo Motown music everyone would begin to get a bounce in their step.  After the third or fourth song my waiters were smiling and laughing along with the guests. The whole room had done a 180 in energy. So weither it's a Motown brunch, big band dinner, or a rocking 80's cocktail party think of what tone you want your guests to feel.  Music creates the vibe and sets the mood that can make a night unforgettable. I have DJ'd and created the soundtrack for countless parties, and trust me, the right music is the key to a fabulous evening. 

Cheers and happy hosting! 

Hank Stampfl

Founder & Event Curator