Ever watch a child play with their food? The excitement, the laughter, the smiles. Perhaps we should learn from them that it can be fun for all. Some people get nervous at just the thought of having a dinner party. The cooking, the planning, the cleaning, who sits next to who. Well this is where Revel Rouge comes in at it's prime so you can relax and enjoy. 


We've all been to that dinner party where the energy is just off, the food is awful, and the clock keeps slowly ticking the night away. Not cute. This is why we love our new concept to allow everyone to bring out their inner child to literally play with their food. Now, we are not talking about throwing it across the room or just pushing it around your plate. We are talking about interactive food experiences.

Cheese Fondue Party by Revel Rouge

Cheese Fondue Party: 

Table landscapes are one way to heighten your guest experience. You can set the tone and mood for the evening. Revel Rouge’s cheese fondue parties have received incredible feedback on how exciting, immersive and fun dinner parties can be. The buzz of guests having to selected which item to eat, which item they feel pairs best with the cheese, and which items they never thought would pair with the cheese fondue. It is an experience that keeps the energy, excitement and dinner moving along. This winter, we believe a fondue party is a must do!


Bloody Mary Party:

The party will be rocking, the booze will be flowing and the fun includes playing with you food. Love this theme! We must admit being a sucker for a good bloody mary and mixing a very good bloody mary base. Our garnish options are truly endless. Besides celery, you can put: bacon, oysters, cheese, shrimp, cucumbers, olives, etc...the list goes on. We like to set up different bowls with the items, provide a skewer and all guests jump in with their own creations. Don't forget to bring out the spice rack and let them sprinkle away.  

The next time you are planning a party at your house, bring out your inner child and allow your guests to get down and dirty while playing with their food. Keep it fun, keep it fresh and always remember to #GETROUGED.